let’sEarth app enables construction engineering companies to boost their competitive advantage in obtaining projects. Increasing the revenue.

It employs the most accurate satellite measurements to offer accurate local climate design data for any place in the world. Literally. It offers more climate design data than Energy+, Meteonorm, and IES SW combined. With this data spanning last 20+ years being continually updated, and comfortably accessed online, you can design HVAC systems more accurately for specific climate of any location. Minimizing HVAC capital and operational costs while reducing the need for expensive state-of-the-art HVAC and supplementary energy generation equipment. Making such projects more interesting for tenants and investors.

Plus, how cool is it to use space satellite data from ESA for designing energy efficient buildings?

Update 28.10.2018: We haven’t launched yet, but we are admitting first users into the beta. We’d be happy to keep you posted about the beta program and launch (your data won’t be used for anything else).